Why is HGV driving a valuable career path?

By Anita Jaynes on 25 May, 2022

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The world of business changed forever when the pandemic struck. Some jobs faded into obscurity while others thrived.

Zoom was a popular necessity in the darker days of the pandemic. However, there are now those who beg for things to return to how they were fast. Still, the digital side of business won’t be going anywhere fast, and it’s elevated some career paths to higher importance levels. HGV driving is among them.

Why are HGV drivers more valuable than ever before? What do you stand to gain by exploring career opportunities in this field yourself? Read on for some of our musings.

Making Important Deliveries

The pandemic led to a surge of people ordering products online. Customers aren’t alone in this either, as suppliers and firms will trade with each other too. Of course, these goods aren’t just teleported from one place to another.

HGV drivers transport goods long-distance. They can even deliver items internationally. Therefore, in the age of mounting online deliveries, HGV drivers will always be needed. Even though the worst of the pandemic seems to be long behind us, these types of shopping habits won’t fade quickly, if at all. The sense of convenience is too strong.

Some deliveries are more important than others too. What if you’re delivering essential equipment to keyworkers? Could your goods ensure that a fundraising event can get underway? Businesses are already facing key shipment disruptions, and many can’t afford to suffer further delays either. The knock-on effect from your timely driving can be profound indeed. It’s worth contemplating just how much good you could do for society as an HGV driver.

Having Much to Learn

Not every job role requires qualifications. While learning and passing tests might not seem ideal to all, it can all communicate that the job is skilled and of special importance. A sense of pride and progression can be found in that. Jobs that require qualifications can often pay more as well.

HGV drivers are highly skilled. Many of them will engage with HGV Training Centre to upskill themselves. If you’re interested, these resources can be instrumental in helping you pass your theory HGV test, instructing you on how to identify hazards and react to them. They can walk you through many other aspects of the theory test as well, ensuring that you’re fully prepared.

Of course, learning to be safe in your role is more than just a box-ticking exercise. There are plenty of jobs out there where one’s health and well-being aren’t a personal priority. However, even as you cruise the roads of lands near and far, you can at least be content that you’re equipped to look after yourself and fellow road users.

Filling Driver Shortages

The link above mentions an HGV driving shortage. Stepping into these all-important shoes can help you feel a sense of importance in your work, which can be stimulating all on its own.

Your work will ensure people receive their goods on time. Businesses will enormously value your contributions, and your good work will be noticed in a thinned-out crowd. Every effort of yours will make a real difference. Remember, not everybody can say that about their line of work, even if all jobs are important in one way or another.

A shortage of workers may also mean that you stand to be paid more. There are no guarantees, but at the same time, employers will likely want to retain you for as long as possible if replacements are hard to come by. Keep that in mind if there’s ever an opportunity to negotiate your pay, too, either when accepting the role or lobbying for a pay rise later in your career!

Flexible Schedules

Many HGV drivers report long working hours. However, such things are largely in your control, depending on which businesses you work for and why.

Many HGV drivers take up the profession to enjoy a sense of solitude and have little else but the open road before them. Others may elect to operate closer to home, heading back home to see their family and friends after a few deliveries are made. The choice is yours, and it all comes down to what you prefer.

Typical 9-5 office jobs can have a sense of monotony. Each working day is the same, the hours are rigid, and there’s little room for any sense of spontaneity at all. However, as an HGV driver, there’s certainly more room to adapt your working methods and play within them. It’s a role you can experiment with through the years until you find the perfect set of circumstances for you and your loved ones.


There’s much to appreciate about being an HGV driver. Try to appreciate the full breadth of perks and benefits here, and value the meaning behind the role itself. There’s plenty to gain if you adopt the right attitude, so if you’re considering a career in the field, seize the opportunity with both hands.