Why flexible serviced offices are expected to soar in popularity

By Anita Jaynes on 28 June, 2022

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The demand for centrally located, private office space, continues to grow

The uncertainty of recent years has caused many businesses to rethink what they need out of their office space. Traditional longer-term leases for office buildings remain a viable option for established businesses, but the rigidity of this solution has resulted in it becoming ever less favourable to start-ups, or companies striving to define new ways of working.

The growth of serviced office space is disrupting the conventional commercial real estate market, with the flexibility of the model offering a modern, relatively risk-free and cost-effective advantage. There is a real excitement around the serviced office sector, and with good reason.

As businesses begin to operate in times that are now considered to be the ‘new normal’, many are wanting to avoid the commitment associated with lengthy leases and are instead, opting to rent a flexible serviced office instead. In fact, recent research anticipates that flexible offices will reach 10-15% of all office demand over the next could of years and 20% of total demand in the long term.

Hybrid working dynamics for each business will develop naturally as new processes are discovered, adjusted, and defined. That is why Bath Office Company’s serviced office proposition offers advice on how to introduce new physical and virtual ways of working, and an ability to flex the space and service to meet the changing needs of employees and the wider business. Having all this support, from a present and responsive local partner, allows their customers the confidence to focus on the growth of their business.

One of the fundamental reasons why this type of office space is becoming increasingly popular is the increased flexibility it provides businesses. With minimum terms as short as 1 month, customers can rent a flexible serviced office space in the knowledge that they can adapt their workspace as required, regardless of what the future holds. Similarly, businesses can also easily expand when renting a flexible serviced office, accommodating future growth and empowering businesses to take their company to the next level. The all-inclusive monthly license fee ensures all costs associated with the workspace are understood and included with minimal administration.

Bath Office Company provides spaces for businesses of all shapes and sizes to call their own – a place to call work – providing a working environment that is much less restrictive than a traditional leased office. Their offices are fully furnished and fully equipped, enabling businesses to move straight into the space and start working…although customers are encouraged to make physical and aesthetic changes to make the space they accommodate befitting of their brand. And, a local team ensures the seamless running of the building to allow customers the confidence to operate efficiently on a day-to-day basis.

Bath Office Company plan to take on more buildings, repurposing what were dormant or empty buildings, into prosperous serviced offices, serviced by a front desk, enabling them to offer a wider range of clerical services, and a friendly face to welcome visitors.

Key to Bath Office Company’s vision is bringing local businesses together, collaborating to benefit the wider community and future of Bath’s city centre; which in doing so, supports the area’s economic and social recovery.

Did You Know?

If you’re unsure, or not quite ready to make the move into a serviced office just yet, Bath Office Company are always happy to show you options, and explain their pricing structure. With smaller private offices proving to be a hot ticket, they can add you to a wait list for one next becomes available. Visit: www.bathoffice.co.uk Call: 01225 632777 or Email: hello@bathofficeco.uk