Bath IT company reflects on nearly a quarter of a century in business

By Ben Carey on 22 May, 2020

Bath’s Westgate IT has been reflecting on the evolution of managed IT support after nearly a quarter of a century in the industry.

Managing Director Nigel Phillips founded Westgate IT in 1996 to offer ‘deskside’ support for clients. The company was formed at a time when having an internal IT department was ‘the norm’.

For many smaller organisations this was a costly resource in salary and staff management. Seeing a niche in the market, Westgate IT created a standardised package called ‘Total Care’, providing clients with a comprehensive, cost-effective support package to cover all elements of their IT.

Now the company has grown to offer a range of services including cloud support, cybersecurity and consultancy, assisting over 150 MSEs and SMEs both on-site and through remote access.

Nigel Phillips said, “The services we provide are open to all kinds of businesses, with our smallest client being a three-person company in the financial sector up to and including government organisations and large organisations with over 400 staff.

“Our services include support, consultancy, procurement, security services and everything in between.

“Over time we have adapted and changed the way we are working; at the start there was no such thing as remote support, so all tasks were completed on site. As time has passed it is now possible to complete 99 per cent of the support work remotely, but we still feel that having our clients see engineers in their places of work gives them peace of mind that we are always here to help.”

2020 so far

During the first few weeks of lockdown, Westgate IT saw an increase in the number of Virtual Private Network (VPN) set-ups for clients, creating systems to provide safe and secure access to allow employees to work from home.

Westgate IT’s cyber-security team has been on-hand to ensure the safety of clients’ systems at a time when the National Cyber Security Centre has highlighted an increased number of online attacks..

The company has developed a managed security service called Pro Secure to offer increased protection from cyber-attacks including vulnerability scanning and system hardening.

Nigel Phillips added, “Westgate IT’s all-in-one IT service management solution delivers comprehensive help and service desk support, account management and more. I truly believe we provide an unrivalled service and we have a brilliant team at Westgate who help and support our clients on a daily basis.”

Pictured: Nigel Phillips.