Unividual leads the way in employee wellbeing

By Nick Batten on 25 November, 2021

Unividual, a Bath and London-based financial advice business, has launched an employee and financial adviser wellbeing programme to help combat the lasting effects Covid has had on people’s health.

The Chartered Financial Planning firm has enlisted Outliers, a national wellbeing company, to independently survey staff to identify the impact Covid has had on their health and what advisers and paraplanners find difficult in their role and how this impacts on their stress, wellbeing and physical and mental health.

Ed Challis MBE, Operations Manager for Outliers Wellbeing and a former Captain in the British Army, said, “Unividual is a dream business, leading by example. It wants to do everything it can to support people’s wellbeing and what the firm is doing is so unique in the industry.

“I witnessed first-hand how hard it is working in financial services. Unividual is hiring young talent to help get people into the industry and some in their 20s may not have developed the level of resilience that people in their 30s and beyond have. Unividual had a simple remit: how do we build a resilient workforce who can feel safe at work and enjoy their job by embracing pressures. After a consultation period we launched a transformational programme that explores the Unividual culture, leadership style, psychological safety and wellbeing. We are using tools like psychological profiling, 1-2-1 coaching, group training sessions and digital provision. All sounds great but would amount to nothing if it wasn’t for the buy-in from the Unividual leadership team and their people.”

Cherie-Anne Baxter, Marketing Director for Unividual added, “We all know operating in our industry isn’t easy. It is even harder for those joining the industry fresh with no prior experience. Our in-house academy, Unicademy, fast-tracks aspiring finance professionals and we want to equip them with the mental, physical and social tools to excel at a level in their career that many of their peers won’t have yet reached. Not only does looking after staff wellbeing improve morale but it has a knock-on effect on the service they can provide to clients. If advisers are balanced and resilient they can better coach clients who feel the pressures of managing their finances.

“Outliers have been fantastic. They are down to earth, humble, fun and our staff really relate to them. These things do cost money, but we are already starting to see a return on investment. The program has made us reassess certain management situations which has improved the level of psychological safety in the organisation. Staff seem happier and more relaxed at work. This will be an ongoing investment as we will continue to support each person through the different challenges in their careers.”

Anyone interested in a career with Unividual can head to its website www.unividual.co.uk or contact Cherie-Anne Baxter directly on 0330 353 0150.

Pictured above: Matt Finch a Trainee Adviser for Unividual