TBE Charity Conference & Expo to tackle the teen crisis and how to end it from home

By Anita Jaynes on 1 June, 2024

The Business Exchange South West Charity Conference & Expo which takes place on Thursday 13th June at Bath Racecourse is set to host a key workshop session on the modern teen crisis.

Jonno Wood, Same Boat Parents

The workshop is being hosted by Jonno Wood from Same Boat Parents who also heads up the Alternative Learning Hub at Bath Rugby Foundation, a school for teens finding traditional school too challenging.

Jonno said, “As an ex-teacher it’s been a pleasure (and challenge) building a school for the “tough” teens others couldn’t help.

“Increasingly parents were asking for my help with their teen in the home. I noticed that’s when the students started making the most progress; when home really understood too. Eventually it became parents I hadn’t met before asking for support. They were all exhausted, lost and feeling like failures.

“I started Same Boat Parents to help them learn techniques and skills to help their teens grow when it felt like everything had failed. Each time it changed the whole family’s life. That’s when I realised we can make change for ourselves better than anyone else can.”

The Same Boat Parents 30-minute workshop is free to attend and will cover:

  • How to understand adolescence so you know what to do and when
  • How to get your message to land with teens
  • How to navigate modern teen challenges

To sign up to the free session which takes place from 14:45-15:15 on Thursday 13th June click here.