Stone King to offer surrogacy advice

By Ben Carey on 5 July, 2019

Stone King is offering legal advice to people wanting to start a family through surrogacy.

The company, which has offices on Queen Square in Bath, has introduced the new service due to the increasing number of people considering surrogacy or other forms of assisted conception.

Although surrogacy is legal in the UK, the law surrounding it can be complicated, even when prospective parents have entered into an agreement with a surrogate.

In those circumstances, the woman giving birth would be the child’s legal mother until a Parental Order is granted in court.

Rebecca Eels, Senior Associate in Stone King’s Family and Mediation Team, said, “Surrogacy and assisted conception are becoming increasingly common but there are a number of legal issues prospective parents should be aware of. By taking legal advice ahead of conception we can help people negotiate any problems they may encounter, and so be able to enjoy the arrival of their baby.”

Other common issues that may arise include paying a surrogate’s expenses.

Rebecca added, “The law is clear in that surrogates are not allowed to be paid. However, payment for expenses is allowed so it is important for people to understand what they are able to claim for.

“It’s also important for people to understand that if they use a surrogate overseas and bring the baby back to the UK, UK law will still apply. This means the surrogate would have to give her permission for the granting of a Parental Order to make the baby that of the intended parents.”

For more information please contact Rebecca Eels on 01225 324470 or via