Stone King revolutionises wellness strategy to prevent employee burnout

By Nick Batten on 1 June, 2021

Bath headquartered law firm, Stone King LLP, has transformed its employee wellness strategy to prevent employee burnout and mental health issues within the firm, supported by workplace wellbeing experts at Wrkit.

Stone King, a Mindful Business Charter member organisation, has always emphasised the importance of mental health and has expanded its focus on wellness through appointing wellbeing champions, earmarking May as ‘Mental Health Month’, giving everyone an extra day of paid leave on SK Appreciation Day (4th May) and implementing a holistic employee benefits package.

The firm’s benefits offering is complemented by healthy workplace platform, Wrkit. Wrkit gives employees financial perks, mental health and workplace wellbeing courses, and the chance to win prizes. The platform also allows Stone King’s HR department to analyse data on how employees are using it to gain an overall indication of wellness within the firm.

Since introducing Wrkit in July 2020, Stone King has seen a 100% uptake of employee benefits – with the lifestyle savings, wellbeing and recognition offerings proving most popular.

Throughout the pandemic, the law firm has worked to assist its 250-strong workforce with increased communication, and heads of teams are regularly advised on how they should be supporting team members in both professional and personal capacities.

Stone King has also offered regular social virtual events to prevent employees from becoming too isolated.

Tassy Vincent, HR Director at Stone King LLP, explained, “A culture that normalises long hours and pressure, eventually leading to mental health issues and burnout, is all too common in the legal industry, but that is just not us.

“The lawyers at Stone King do people-focused work – charity, social enterprise, education, business and private clients, so we wanted to keep this idea of social responsibility at the heart of our values and ensure it includes our own employees. When we joined the Mindful Business Charter, we began to tackle these issues, but as we have placed more emphasis on a holistic employee wellness strategy, we have seen real results within the firm.”

She added, “Our collaboration with Wrkit has been an important part of revitalising our benefits offering.”

Jason Brennan, author and Director of Wellness and Leadership at Wrkit, said, “There’s a stereotype that lawyers have to work themselves day and night until they are keeling over with exhaustion, so it has been incredibly refreshing to work with a firm that is challenging this idea.”

Pictured above: Tassy Vincent, HR Director at Stone King LLP