Stone King offers separating couples free mediation information sessions

By Nick Batten on 7 January, 2022

Bath law firm Stone King is highlighting how mediation can help families cope with divorce and separation by offering free half-hour information slots as part of Family Mediation Week.

Taking place from 17th -22nd January, the annual information week aims to raise awareness of the benefits of mediation which can work so well for separating couples.

Stone King’s Family & Mediation Team, based at Upper Borough Court in the city centre, has been recommending and facilitating mediation to its clients for many years.

Lawyer Rebecca Eels said, “Our Family & Mediation Team has three skilled and highly experienced mediators who seek to help separating couples make the best decisions for both themselves and their families.

“We know that divorce and separation can be a highly stressful time but, by using a skilled mediator, we have found that many couples find it less emotional and are so able to focus on good outcomes for themselves and any children.

“The process can also help to minimise cost and delay when resolving issues following separation.

“We would encourage anyone who is considering separation or divorce to contact us and find out more about how mediation can help them, it is not just for those with children and many couples find it extremely beneficial.”

Mediators are highly trained in communication techniques. These help couples and parents reduce conflict and encourage them to find realistic positive solutions that work.

Children’s views can be heard in mediation and this helps them process what can be a very turbulent time.

Rebecca added, “When adults are separating or divorcing the emotions of how they can feel about each other can, unfortunately, override the needs of their children.

“But trained mediators can listen to the children’s voice independently then feedback to the parents, this helps them make decisions knowing that their children have been heard and listened to.”

For more on Family Mediation Week, including videos and more information about mediation, click here.

To book a free mediation information slot at Stone King please contact Sam Pinker at or call 01225 485735.

To contact Stone King’s Family and Mediation Team please click here.

Pictured above: Rebecca Eels, Lawyer at Stone King