Revealed – Father Christmas’s salary

By Anita Jaynes on 19 December, 2019

A new study has been conducted to find out what Father Christmas could be earning if he was *real*.

Father Christmas’s most likely job title would be Chief Executive Officer (CEO), with an average CEO salary fetching around £120,000 per annum, PLUS a £30k bonus if all 2.2 billion children across the world receive a present on Christmas morning.

Perhaps his bonus would be one of the most well-deserved, after travelling a staggering 160,000,000km in just 24 hours!

An adult education college has named the educational courses Father Christmas and his elves would most likely have to study in order to prepare them up for their busiest day of the year, Christmas Day.

The research conducted by City Lit, concludes that Santa Claus would have benefitted from real-life courses to help manage stress, collect important personal data from all 2.2 billion children across the world, learn foreign languages, improve map reading and navigation skills, sleigh maintenance, and management and delegation skills.

Most likely courses studied by Father Christmas include:

  • Meditation and Stress Management: To help manage stress throughout the year and in the run up to the big day.
  • Contemporary culture: To keep up-to-date on contemporary arts and culture and the challenges of twenty-first century life.
  • Data Analysis and Statistics: To help manage the addresses and present requests of over 2.2 billion children across the world, plus that crucial naughty or nice list.

Most likely courses studied by Father Christmas’s elves include:

  • Introduction to clothes making: To ensure elves are able to make the most popular kids clothes and keep up with the latest trends.
  • Jewellery making: Because who doesn’t love a little bling on Christmas morning?
  • Social media & blogging: To help manage Santa’s social media profiles more effectively on popular and emerging platforms and keep followers engaged.

The Business Exchange brainstormed local firms Father Christmas might find useful to add to his contacts book. Ideas included:

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2020 from the team at The Business Exchange.