New report celebrates local philanthropy and giving

By Anita Jaynes on 30 June, 2022

A new report published this week celebrates the value of philanthropy and calls for us to give local and give better.

The Vital Signs 2022 report from Quartet Community Foundation explores the state of philanthropy and charitable giving now.

Through a range of ‘Vital Statistics’ and case studies, the report considers the challenges and assesses the impact of philanthropy in action.

Suzanne Rolt, CEO Quartet Community Foundation 

The report looks at how we can ensure the future of philanthropy is inclusive, effective and equitable. The report ends with recommendations for philanthropists and funders, ‘Vital Steps’, to help us give better.

Suzanne Rolt, CEO Quartet Community Foundation, said, “There’s a question at the heart of this report – how to give well? At Quartet over the past 35 years we’ve seen the enormous impact that local giving has had across the West of England. Deeply embedded in their communities, local organisations really understand how best to support local people and bring about positive change. But these organisations tend to be smaller and less well-known, yet are more reliant on funding from grants and donations.

“We think that offering them our support is valuable beyond the value of the gift: it strengthens our communities for everyone.

“These same organisations are now out in communities, responding to the cost of living crisis. They’re on the ground, offering crucial support, as they did throughout the pandemic. I hope that anyone reading this report will think about how they might focus more of their generosity on their local area, and join us in championing local philanthropy.”

Quartet which is the community foundation for Bristol, Bath & North East Somerset, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire award nearly 900 grants a year to local community activities. One projects which has received a range of support from Quartet Community Foundation in recent years is Bath City Farm.

Brendan Tate Wistreich, Director at Bath City Farm, said, ”Support from funders such as Quartet and other local philanthropists enable Bath City Farm to serve the needs of our local community in the day-to-day, and be innovative and dynamic in creating new valued services and facilities. We value these funders who are invested not just financially, but stakeholders in the community development approach that we are taking, increasing the possibilities for people who experience disadvantage.”

Over the last 35 years Quartet Community Foundation has awarded more than £64m to groups thanks to local community philanthropy. In real terms this total is much higher.

Last year alone Quartet Community Foundation awarded 882 grants worth over £5m to local causes.

They’re sharing the Vital Signs report 2022 to start a conversation about how to encourage more inclusive and effective local giving.

Read the Vital Signs report 2022 on Philanthropy in the West of England, published on Wednesday 29th June 2022 at

Pictured above: Bath City Farm who are one of hundreds of projects to benefit from philanthropy through Quartet Community Foundation in the last year.