New innovation category added to Bristol Law Society Awards

By Nick Batten on 16 October, 2019

The Bristol Law Society Annual Awards Dinner is fast approaching and this year a new category – The Legal Innovators Awardhas been entered into the mix.

The category – which was founded and sponsored by Bath-based management consultancy Nine Feet Tall  – has been introduced to commemorate the outstanding ideas and tools emerging from the City’s best law firms.

Nine Feet Tall’s  extensive work with legal clients in Bristol has exposed it to countless, exciting innovation programmes that it now wants to recognise. The firm also has experience working with clients to set up innovation hubs and launch new programmes to transform workplaces. Nine Feet Tall describes Innovation as being one of its core values.

Winners of the new award will be recognised for working on precedent-setting, game-changing projects and initiatives. This year’s nominations have set up innovation programmes and incubation hubs to transform their practice and achieve greater successes.

According to Nine Feet Tall, in the last year, many new ideas have been put into action across the legal sector. This has included harnessing new technologies to appraise the value of patent portfolios, using artificial intelligence to review disputes at their outset, and reaching beyond the legal sector into impactful diversity and corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Tiggy Robinson, Partner at Nine Feet Tall, said, “We cannot wait to see who will take home the first Legal Innovators Award. We have observed the generation of many brilliantly sophisticated and ground-breaking ideas in the last year and couldn’t put our money on who would win. Better to sponsor the award!”

She added, “The Awards Night is fast approaching so make sure you don’t miss out! To all the innovative minds in the legal sector, get thinking, we will be looking out for your novel and invaluable work for years to come.”

For more information, please visit the awards website. 

Pictured above: Attendees at last year’s Bristol Law Society Annual Awards Dinner