Mployable is open for business

By Anita Jaynes on 22 June, 2020

As many of our Bath and Somerset businesses begin to open up and lift-off from lockdown, we’re sharing their messages and promoting them within our local community.

Today’s business shout-out is to promote the services of Mployable.

​Mployable takes the time, stress and hassle out of recruitment by blending the ease, familiarity and expertise of an in-house recruitment team with the flexibility of an outsourced service.

The company was set up by Rosie Skinner, an experienced recruitment manager and strategic business partner.

Rosie said, “The past months have been challenging for all of us. As we adjust to a ‘new normal’ we are continuing to work with businesses to adapt their talent plans for continued stability and growth.

“Now is the time to consider your organisational structure and talent strategy. Particularly if you have had to pivot or adapt throughout Covid-19. A great talent strategy and your organisational structure are intricately linked to the operations of the business and will impact the success of your new normal if not in alignment.

“We can offer a one-to-one virtual talent planning session to get your strategy shipshape. The cost of the session is £395+VAT, and you’ll leave with a plan for team restructure and growth, aligned with your business goals.”

To find out more about Mployable visit: Call: 01749 345832 OR Email: