Mowbray Woodwards represents Evilcorp in $4m takeover

By Nick Batten on 16 January, 2018

Bath solicitors Mowbray Woodwards recently acted for the owners of local animation and design studio A Large Evil Corporation (Evilcorp) on the sale of the company to US giant Funko LLC for $4 million (£2.9m).

Since its foundation by owners Guy Thomson and Seth Watkins in 2006, Evilcorp has developed a “unique reputation” for its animated commercials for brands including Gu, Kia Motors, Greenpeace and Now TV. The firm has also achieved acclaim for its “Vinyl Idolz” designs, a range of quirky collectible figurines featuring characters from cult movies such as The Big Lebowski, Shaun of the Dead, Batman, Ghostbusters and Back to the Future.

Evilcorp will shortly be re-branded as Funko Animation Studios, with Guy Thomson and Seth Watkins continuing as general managers. The deal coincides with Funko’s own floatation on the NASDAQ stock market in November.

Evilcorp was represented by Mowbray Woodwards’ partner Patrick Mears and assistant Karling Lau.

“It has been so exciting to see one of Bath’s most talented and unique local creative companies attracting such flattering attention from an international big-hitter,” said Patrick. “It is particularly gratifying to see so much genuine warmth and creative optimism underpinning a deal. I have no doubt that Funko Animation Studios will achieve even greater things!”

Seth added:“Patrick and the team were excellent throughout the process and carried out a very thorough interrogation of the myriad of documentation flying back and forth, skillfully guiding us through the US/GB pitfalls and always available for the inevitable late night trans-Atlantic calls.”

Pictured above: Patrick Mears of Mowbray Woodwards