Keeping positive through Lockdown 3.0 – Truespeed

By Ben Carey on 19 February, 2021

With Lockdown 3.0 upon us, The Business Exchange is asking for your insights regarding coping strategies, new habits and how to stay positive throughout this third (and hopefully final) national lockdown.

Jez Allman, Director of Sales at broadband service provider Truespeed, reflects on the importance of early morning walks, discovering a new love of cooking and looking forward to that first post-lockdown pint at The Rec!

How are you keeping positive through Lockdown 3.0?

Technology plays a massive part in keeping positive. Human interaction via video keeps spirits high so making time to stay in touch with teams, friends and family is super important.

How are you structuring your day? Have you changed your habits?

Mornings have changed as I now walk between 7am-8am every day. Fresh air helps clear my head and get positively set up and focused for the day. Plus, nothing bad comes from getting a bit of exercise!

Are you doing anything new?

I’ve joined Hello Fresh which has been great in getting me to experiment with different foods. Turns out I actually enjoy cooking and it’s introduced me to loads of new ingredients. Who knew I liked so many vegetables?!

Have you changed your New Year resolutions?

I’ve made the conscious effort to make small manageable changes to live a healthier lifestyle as Covid has truly highlighted how important health is! I also made the resolution to read a book a week to reduce my screen time but since discovering the American Office I’ve been failing at that.

Have you introduced any new rituals?

My morning ritual of an early walk, enjoying a proper coffee, catching up on emails and looking at the previous days results is now second nature. This routine is much more effective than trying to skim read everything and rush into the first meetings of the day.

What are you most looking forward to when restrictions are lifted?

Going to live rugby matches with friends and family is definitely what I’m really looking forward to. Lockdown really puts into perspective how much you appreciate the simple things in life so it will be an awesome day when I’m enjoying a beer at The Rec with a great group of people.

What is your biggest goal this year?

From a work perspective, it will be helping lead my team throughout our transitional period from being a rural broadband provider to connecting cities as well. Accelerating our growth is a big goal for my team and I’m looking forward to seeing what the year will bring.

What has the past year taught you and how has it shaped your future for the better?

It’s genuinely taught me how important friends and family are to me. Having a solid support system to keep you laughing and spirits high has been a big eye opener, and staying close with them throughout lockdowns is something I’ve really enjoyed.

Work wise, it’s taught us how vital having the right systems, processes and communications are to the business and our customers. Truespeed has improved a lot throughout the year

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