Juice Recruitment celebrates 20 years in business

By Anita Jaynes on 15 June, 2018

Twenty years ago, Emma Summers set up Juice Recruitment in Bath, determined to bring a fresh approach to the sector. Two years later, she was joined by her husband, Andrew, who is now operations director.

The company specialises in sourcing exceptional candidates in sales, human resources and accountancy, and now boasts five offices across the South West, with 24 employees.

We asked managing director Emma about her 20 years in business and what she believes sets Juice apart…

What inspired you to set up the business?

I felt the recruitment industry required a fresh new approach – one that was customer-led, and focused on a quality experience for both candidates and clients.

My mission was to create a company that specialised in supplying exceptional candidates that go above and beyond in their passion to succeed in their chosen environment. A company that makes its candidates and clients feel welcomed and provides an unparalleled recruitment experience across every channel.

What started as a logo and a set of core values of how a recruitment business should operate has become a well-known and highly respected business representing many of the South West’s most prolific brands.

Why did you want to work for yourself?

My father had established a very successful ceiling and flooring business, so we were used to him talking about VAT returns and the projects he was working on across the dining room table – something must have stayed with us, as being the middle one of three daughters, we have all gone into business!

Why did you choose to go into recruitment?

Recruitment is such a wonderfully fascinating industry. It is focused around amazing people at every stage of their working career coupled with meeting and understanding such an array of interesting businesses across the South West. There is nothing better than a candidate being over the moon at a fresh new opportunity or an employer being super excited about bringing dazzling new talent to power their business.

What was it like starting out on your own?

Exceedingly exciting but also very daunting. I started Juice when I was 26 so I had gained four years of industry sector experience. I had such a belief in the way a recruitment business should be portrayed and operate. I was keen for Juice to be focused on customer relations, alongside a distinctive brand, culture and very strong values of honesty and integrity.

How has recruitment changed over the last 20 years?

Enormously. Partcularly with advances in technology, legislation and process. As active members of the REC, Juice has always been one step ahead of those changes and this is reflected in our operating systems, our brand and culture and our exceedingly high customer service delivery.

What’s it like being a married couple in business together?

Andrew and I love working together. There is nothing better than coming home on an evening, pouring a glass of wine and discussing our day, always with a view of what we are going to achieve tomorrow.

Have you had to deal with any difficult situations in business? 

The recession in 2009 was tough and I never forget the day of having to release over 100 temps overnight who were working for one of our clients. You do, however, need lessons in life like this as they strengthen your ability to demonstrate commercial acumen in both good and harsher times.

What sets Juice apart from the competition?

We believe Juice is the most innovative, dynamic and vibrant recruitment agency in the South West.

Our brand, culture and ethos oozes enthusiasm, eagerness and energy. We treasure old-fashioned values – honesty, trust and integrity – and our goal is to connect the right people with the right opportunities. This is integral to everything we do.

We believe in people not paper (the person behind the CV and the opportunity behind the job specification) and our approach ensures we recruit based on core values along with skill sets and ability. We meet all our candidates and clients ensuring we are best for both parties every time.

What are the plans for Juice Recruitment’s future?

The company that began life in a small office in Bath now has five branches across the South West with further openings on the horizon. Our aim in the forthcoming months and years is to strengthen our existing divisions with expansion into further locations across the South West… exciting times ahead!

Visit Juice Recruitment at: www.juicerecruitment.com and follow them on Twitter: @JuiceRecruit

Pictured above: Emma Summers, Juice Recruitment