International Women’s Day 2021: Clare Emberson Pratt

By Ben Carey on 5 March, 2021

To support International Women’s Day (IWD) this year we’re running a campaign online until Friday 12th March. We’ve reached out to the women in our business community to hear what they #ChooseToChallenge, which is the theme of this year’s campaign.

Clare Emberson Pratt, MD, Emberson Group

I #ChooseToChallenge what success for business looks like!

The last 10 years at Emberson has challenged the traditional creative agency model and proven the concept of a distributed, trusted team. In the next 10 years we’re going to challenge the traditional business model – and what ‘success’ for business looks like.

Why is International Women’s Day important to you?

I’d like an International People’s Day. It’s taken 110 years to make today’s progress.

The World Economic Forum estimates another 110 years for parity of opportunity, recognition and reward for everyone in the world.

The traditional work model doesn’t work. Clocking in and clocking off originates from the Industrial Revolution. It’s outdated, rigid and unworkable for everyone. We challenge this so that everyone has the right to the same opportunities.

What do we still need to do for gender equality?

Our collective and conscious definition of success needs to change.  When this definition changes, the drive for continued growth at the expense of everything else, including gender parity, will change too. 

What did you want to be when you were young? Have you ended up doing what you always wanted to? Has being a woman held you back?  

My mother inspired me early on and remains a role model.  She set up a handmade children’s clothing business with people working from home across the south west. The homeworking model and doing what you love was popular – she was inundated with people who wanted to join her.

Whether conscious or not this inspired the drive to run an entirely distributed agency.

But not all role models are women! I was lucky meeting my co-founder Andy 25 years ago.

Being a woman hasn’t held me back, it’s probably made me more determined.

What is your advice to your younger self and what are your tips to nurture the strong independent girls of the future?

Dream big, work hard, challenge the status-quo, be kind to others and to yourself, do what makes you happy, don’t let anyone ever tell you ‘you can’t’ – and always believe in you.

Follow the IWD campaign on social media using the hashtags #IWD2021 and #ChooseToChallenge.

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