Is your recruitment strategy 2020 ready?

By Anita Jaynes on 20 December, 2019


Mployable’s Rosie Stevens discusses recruitment and retention as we move into a new year and decade.

A business struggles when it has the wrong people on the bus. Retention rates drop, staff engagement rates drop, productivity drops – hitting the bottom line hard.

The value of a business lies in having the right people in the right place at the right time to drive the bus forward.

But if your recruitment systems are broken you’ll stay stuck in reverse. What if I told you, that within six weeks – we could have your bus back on the road?

We’ll get under the hood to understand how and why you’ve stalled. We’ll then build or fix your recruitment engine, using our proven, tried and tested recruitment process and strategies to drive your business to the next level.

We can subsequently support your on-going recruitment, acting as your outsourced in-house recruitment team and your recruitment partners.

We work with businesses who need regular recruitment management, support, expertise and delivery – but don’t want (or can’t afford) an in-house recruitment manager or team.

We work particularly well with:

  • Venture Capitalists and Investors, regularly buying and selling companies that require operational turnaround.
  • 8 figure turnover high-growth businesses, who have regular recruitment needs to support their growth, but don’t want to commit to hiring an in-house recruitment team.
  • Medium-Large size businesses, who have a recruitment department that is broken, and needs some external TLC.

Recruitment in 2019 has been harder than ever, and we’re not expecting that to change as we move in to 2020. Roles that three years ago would have been filled five times over are experiencing a severe case of ‘tumble weed’. Make sure that your business is ready for business next year, enabling you to engage and retain the best talent in your industry. Work with us and we’ll help you become an employer of choice.

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