How to negate the effects of poor posture when working from home

By Anita Jaynes on 28 September, 2021

Sitting still in one place for prolonged periods of time can cause numerous health problems, but one of the most noticeable problems is the physical pain and discomfort that can come from stiff and knotted muscles caused by bad posture. There are ways in which you can reduce the impact of this poor posture though, and we’ve listed some of our best suggestions for dealing with this.

Improve Your Posture
This is a very obvious answer, but the best way to reduce the amount of pain you get from your bad posture is to try to change the way in which you sit at your desk. There are countless mistakes that people make with their postures but rectifying these is possible. It’s also worth looking at your desk setup as well as the type of chair you’re using too. Try to avoid sitting in a chair that leans back as stretching your arms forward to reach your keyboard and mouse can cause unnecessary tension in the shoulders and upper back. Similarly, you should make sure the centre of your monitor is eye-height to avoid either craning your neck up or down.

Seek Professional Help
Sometimes we can do all we can to fix our posture, but the pain caused by years of neglecting our back and neck can persist regardless of this. In cases like this it may be worth seeking professional help from a trained physiotherapist or chiropractor. A chiropractor can manipulate your joints and muscles to alleviate this pain and loosen up your back and neck so that you can then continue to work on your posture easier. Quality, trained, private chiropractors can be found via The Medical who also offer free assessments too. Professional chiropractors are qualified to treat many issues relating to your neck and back and therefore it’s essential that you listen to their guidance and follow their instructions for post-treatment exercises too.

Get Some Exercise
Not only do specific exercises given to you by a professional help to correct your posture but ensuring you’re spending some time every week getting and staying active is essential in providing you with healthy muscles and joints. Regular exercise will help to loosen and stretch your muscles and can counteract the effects of sitting still for too long. When possible, try to aim for at least 150 minutes per week of moderate exercise to ensure you’re keeping active and keeping your body active.

Stand Up Regularly
A common issue for those suffering with posture problems is that they sit for prolonged periods of time. Try to get up out of your chair at least once per hour to stretch your legs and move around a bit. Not only does this help to loosen your muscles, it also helps to counter the risks of sedentary lifestyles. A great way of ensuring you’re getting up regularly is to set an hourly timer to prompt you to get moving as often as possible while still allowing you to comfortably focus on your work.