How To Improve Content Marketing Strategies

By Anita Jaynes on 13 June, 2022

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A firm’s output of blogs, videos, and social media posts can generate interest in its products and services if it’s all sufficiently strategised. All of this amounts to content marketing, and it’s vital for a company’s success.

Many firms use digital marketing to their advantage well, but not all of them are capable of such feats. There’s plenty of room for shortcomings, even during the lockdowns when people were around their machines and consuming digital content more often.

Though the lockdowns have lifted, marketing trends are yet to revert to what they were. Digital marketing was already growing at exponential rates pre-pandemic, but it’s more important today than ever.

There’s a large window of opportunity here. Therefore, below you’ll find some of the ways you may be able to improve your content marketing strategies today.

Engage with Marketing Recruiters

Effective content marketing strategies don’t materialise by wishful thinking alone. It’s important to recruit some of the sharpest minds in the sector to make steady progress with your efforts.

Fortunately, agencies like Stopgap can help you secure the high-calibre talent you need. These marketing recruiters in London continue to nurture and grow their extensive network to provide only the best marketing talent for firms. They also openly challenge the recruitment industry’s reputation for bad practise and poor service, so you can trust in their level of commitment to your cause.

Innovation is a key part of marketing. Only the most forward-thinking and risk-taking candidates will suffice. Content marketing strategies can’t be improved if you resist making radical changes or refuse to place trust in specialists. Double-down on the recruitment side, and don’t just fill seats with green employees keen to carry out your instructions. Hire experienced, fresh thinkers who can challenge your conceptions and add an exciting new voice to your content marketing.

Analyse Audience Behaviours

While you should be keenly aware of the types of people you’re onboarding, you should also be more attentive to the wants and needs of those outside your business. Content marketers aren’t artists out to express themselves for their own satisfaction, and what they create must resonate with others.

It’s important to engage with all the different types of analytics available to you. These assets include:

  • Social media analytics
  • Email subscriber analytics
  • Web analytics

These acute insights will give you data about your audience’s background and interests. Their genders, ages, and even income can sometimes be gleaned from these online tools. Collating all of this data and studying it closely will help you and your marketing determine how best to appeal to their interests with engaging content.

Moreover, keyword research is often used to perfect search marketing strategies. However, it may be worth researching more into this yourself, ensuring your content is relevant and adaptable to these ever-changing trends.

Compare Your Content

Not comparing yourself to others is general life advice. However, it’s not applicable when you’re attempting to perfect your content marketing strategies.

Comparing your content marketing to your competitor’s efforts is critical. Make a list of your competitors and share it with your personnel. Crucial questions then need to be wrestled with. Does their content gain more traction? What topics do they create content around? Can you determine the social media response to their posts? Have they set any particular search engine optimisation metrics that generate more exposure for their content?

You mustn’t just sit on this important data once it’s collated. Moreover, you’ll need to gather it periodically, as content marketing strategies can often change. After the data is in your hands, chair a meeting with your staff to see if you can unearth any ‘content gaps’ in what rival firms produce. Pitch ways to fill them.

Merge Content Types

Very few people want to be met with walls of blog text amounting to thousands and thousands of words. People’s attention spans are becoming shorter in the digital era. Therefore, you must keep trimming down your content and brainstorming ways to make it more digestible for your target audience.

These goals are often achieved by merging content types. For example, when it comes to video marketing and blog posts, you can merge the former with the latter. By imbedding well-made videos into your text, those tempted to click away may press play instead and stick around on your website a little longer.

Checklists, infographics, podcasts, and worksheets are also worthy of your time. Diversifying the types of content you provide will keep your audience intrigued and on their toes. Infographics can satisfy customers who are keen to actively research your content more, while podcasts can service those who are busy and on the go. Provide something for everyone.


Content marketing is never static. Even when things are going well, your firm still needs to find new ways of appealing to target audiences. All your strategies need to be curated with care and precision, offering a rich range of insightful and convenient content. Many corporate voices are vying for attention, and only the loudest and most creative will generate genuine interest.