How Public Services can be improved by partnership working

By Anita Jaynes on 9 September, 2021

On Monday 13th September Social Enterprise and Social Innovation experts, Julian Blake, Partner at Stone King and Jonathan Bland, Managing Director, Social Business International (SBI) will be discussing how Public Services can be improved by partnership working at The Business Exchange Virtual South West Charity Conference & Expo.

The hour long session 9:45am-10:45am will outline the five key principles for success and will highlight three excellent pioneering examples of real Public Service collaboration between local authorities and charities.

Julian has specialised, for over 30 years in Social Enterprise; Charity; Public Service Reform and Innovation; Co-operatives and Stakeholder Participation; blending business and public benefit legal disciplines. He has been especially involved in the development and maturing of Social Enterprise, Social Finance, Social Value, and Social Impact Investment and Measurement and their application to Public Policy. He recently gave evidence to the House of Lords Public Sector Services Committee on this subject.

He promotes public value, purpose and partnership in Public Procurement and Public Sector Contracts and State Aid and Public Sector Grants, championing the Innovation Partnership. He promotes a distinctive approach to contracts as practical working agreements (as noted in the 2020 Kruger Report to Government on Civil Society).

Julian works particularly in relation to: Community Transport; Education (particularly Further Education); Health and Social Care; Rehabilitation and Justice; Renewable Energy; and Employment and Youth Services

Jonathan Bland was the founding CEO of Social Enterprise UK, had an advisory role with the European Commission, where the ‘Social Business Initiative’ was focussed on innovation in Public Services and is now Managing Director of the Social Business International consultancy. His work at SBI concentrates on knowledge transfer about Social Enterprise and Social Innovation. SBI runs E3M a network and knowledge community of innovative and highly successful social enterprises that trade in public services markets.

Julian and Jonathan have collaborated on the E3M project over the past ten years. This has pioneered on the subject of collaboration in public services, from the perspectives of public benefit providers, commissioners and social finance institutions and has recently launched the “Procurement to Partnership Toolkit”.

The How Public Services can be improved by partnership working keynote on Monday 13th September 9:45-1045am is FREE to attend but booking is essential. The session is being held via the virtual event’s platform, Hopin. Register your attendance here.

Pictured above: Julian Blake, Stone King and Jonathan Bland, IBS