How 50 entrepreneurs get noticed, explained in one book

By Anita Jaynes on 17 March, 2023

Bath business expert Jim James has published a new book to help entrepreneurs attract the right kind of attention.

The UnNoticed Entrepreneur, published by Capstone, provides fifty insights from entrepreneurs on how to get noticed for free.

Aimed at business owners, it encourages entrepreneurs to use the wealth of information to ‘step into the spotlight’, using shared experiences of success and failure to provide valuable advice.

The articles are a compilation of interviews with guests drawn from fourteen countries from America to Europe, India to Singapore, China to New Zealand, across a variety of B2B industries.  The common theme is how they get noticed.

The sectors covered include technology, engineering, book publishing, video, finance and non-profit, taking a dive into topics such as AI assisted writing, Amazon marketing, podcasting, media relations, video creation, LinkedIn, TEDx speaking, partnerships and mindset.

Jim said, “How does an entrepreneur come out of the shadows and step into the spotlight?

“I set about asking fifty entrepreneurs from around the world what they do to get noticed; I used the cunning plan of a podcast to get them talking freely about their strategies, tools and examples of what works, and what doesn’t.”

To celebrate the launch of the book, The Business Exchange asked Jim to provide some insights for our readers.


Australian listening expert Oscar Trimboli shares his framework for getting the most out of every conversation:

  1. The four villains of listening: 

– Lost

– Dramatic

– Interrupting

– Shrewd

In the book are also the 3 key questions everyone must ask to make the most of a conversation.

American Mason Harris explained how to make ourselves robust in the face of challenges.

I’ve shared 3/8 here but they all apply to entrepreneurship.

  1. Having Chutzpah is an advantage:

8 is a lucky number in China, and each letter in CHUTZPAH has a meaning that will bring you closer to success.

C is for “Carpe Diem” – I liked that,

A is for “Ambiguity” – and how to handle it,

H is for “Humility ” – always a great quality.

Former lecturer British commercial photographer Marcus Ahmad gave me a lesson.

  1. A picture tells a thousand words. 

– Where should I focus my photos? Not on the smile but the eyes because that is where people look to build trust,

– There are 3 key photos for your personal brand, no more no less,

– It doesn’t matter how old/young, big/small et al you are, it’s all about being authentic.

Kate Bradley Chernis, Founder of Lately, and AI powered social media content creation platform in NY shines a light on martech solutions.

  1. AI is here to help the time and creatively challenged entrepreneur
  • The blank page no longer needs to strike fear into your heart
  • How to let the AI write a social post once, then re create it many times
  • When and how often to post to social channels

Masami Sato, founder of B1G1, in Singapore shines a light on the power of giving for the wellbeing of an organisation.

  1. Technology is transforming the way a company can demonstrate its contribution
  • Ensuring the cause matches the company mission
  • Small contributions to efficient organizations can make a big impact
  • Aggregation platforms now offer transparent and accountable ways to donate


The new book is available in all good online book stores and at the Wiley bookstore online. You can listen to the UnNoticed Entrepreneur podcast here.

Jim is offering readers of The Business Exchange a free signed copy of the book, but he asks just one question? Tell us your best tactic for getting noticed. Email: