Highlight named as PR agency for On the EDGE Conservation

By Nick Batten on 18 February, 2021

Bath-based public relations agency Highlight PR has been appointed as the PR agency for On the EDGE Conservation (OTEC) – a charitable foundation dedicated to the promotion of biodiversity and conservation.

Its responsibilities – spanning consumer and B2B PR – will include assisting with the launch of the world’s first virtual influencers for kids.

The series of humanised animal characters who vlog weekly on YouTube are special because they feature on the list of Evolutionarily Distinct, Globally Endangered (EDGE) species.

Through entertaining digital content, the conservation is aiming to raise awareness of lesser-known endangered species, targeting an emerging generation of young, environmental activists.

The consumer PR brief is to introduce characters Lexi, Eric and Tegan to the primary audience of kids’ aged 8+, to explain their purpose and bring to life their adventures.

Highlight’s business campaign will position OTEC as a leading media and technology company for nature – one that uses innovative storytelling and technology to connect people with the natural world.

Beth Blood, Founder and CEO of On the Edge Conservation, said,“Highlight has proven expertise in the kids’ space and we were impressed by their results for the B2B launch of our YouTube series. We’re now looking forward to working with them on the consumer roll-out as well as building our business profile and mission.”

Alison Vellacott, Consumer Director at Highlight PR, added, “OTEC has taken a giant step forwards – with its disruptive approach to alerting the next generation to endangered species AND with its creation of virtual influencers who vlog in 3D every week. The characters are cool and funny, the motion capture is incredible. It’s a great story for both consumer and business media.”

Pictured above: Eric the Pangolin, one of the characters featured in the OTEC vlog