Experts set to shake up recruitment industry with new ‘Netflix-style’ hiring service

By Anita Jaynes on 28 September, 2020

Recruitment expert Mployable has launched an innovative new ‘Netflix-style’ flexible subscription service that gives business all the benefits of an in-house recruiter for a monthly fee.

Managing Director Rosie Skinner came up with the new product after talking to clients and discovering that filling a single vacancy by traditional methods such as recruitment agencies can cost up to £10,000.

She said, “That’s too high a price to pay and with companies feeling their way out of the pandemic and still unsure about the future. We wanted to offer a service where they can completely control the costs. We know that clients who engage with us for eight months would save an average of £26,900 on recruitment.

“The very nature of recruitment is that quite often it is peaks and troughs so you won’t necessarily need someone by your side all of the time. This is an on-demand service that delivers all the benefits of an in-house recruitment team that is real value for money.”

She said that while traditional agencies are only geared towards selling candidates to potential employers, Frome-based Mployable sells the recruitment process itself as a service. “Traditional recruitment agencies can be expensive, a minefield to work with and have their motivations focused solely on making a placement, often not in the best interests of the business, and most SMEs really don’t need to commit to hiring a recruitment manager or team on payroll,” she said.

“We help businesses with their talent strategy, which is unique. Quite often recruitment is not successful because businesses haven’t aligned it to their wider business plan. We look at where and how the business is growing and then plot a course that puts the right people in the right place to sustain that growth.

“This will be even more crucial for businesses as we emerge from the pandemic.”

Subscriptions work on a one, three, six or 12-month basis with clients assigned a dedicated service co-ordinator to lead them through the process, which begins with an online strategy meeting. “This will allow us to understand exactly what the client needs and we can set out a plan to get them there,” said Rosie, who has ten years’ experience at all levels of the industry and founded Mployable two years ago.

She said Mployable will take care of the whole process of up to five vacancies at a time, from drawing up job descriptions to advertising the role and selecting candidates for the employer to interview. Her team will even notify candidates how they fared after the interview.

“Recruitment can be stressful and time-consuming so we leave our clients free to just get on with the important things,” she said.

“We help businesses to get better at hiring, not just to find better people.”

Rosie, who regularly speaks and blogs on recruitment issues, said she is determined to improve the standing of the recruitment industry. “I love recruitment but resent the reputation our industry has,” she said.

“Done right, and done fairly for both parties, a recruitment professional has the capability to transform a business. It doesn’t have to be expensive or shrouded in questionable terms and conditions. Recruitment at its heart is built around people and relationships, so needs to be focused on a service and an experience, not a transaction.

“Our new subscription service is a response to that need for change in the outsourced recruitment industry. It’s time for a shake-up, and we’re leading the charge.”

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Pictured above: Rosie Skinner, Managing Director, Mployable