Eight Masts consultancy sets sail in the South West

By Nick Batten on 18 September, 2019

Bath-based Eight Masts Ltd recently launched providing consultancy and coaching to businesses and charities across the South West and Wales.

Having met as friends, Nick Smith and Claire Gates have a shared passion for helping organisations and individuals achieve better. After years of employing and working alongside countless consultants, they were also adamant there was a better way to do business.

Following 15 years with KPMG, PwC and within the legal sector, Claire joined Help for Heroes, leading on major changes in fundraising, infrastructure and operations and also became a regular speaker at charity conferences and events.

She said, “Whilst the world seems fixated on ‘transformation,’ very few organisations actually need or indeed want to transform. What most really want is to simply do better. Better than the rest. Better than before. And with the right tools, better than they could imagine. That’s where we come in. Nick is a master in all things project management, especially where digital is involved.”

Nick added, “What’s exciting for me is the opportunity to work with organisations of all kinds, with different challenges and objectives. Claire and I are passionate about giving something back and having worked with charities such as The National Trust, start-ups, commercial and government organisations – we felt there was a better way of delivering a broad range of knowledge, skills and hands-on project delivery in a joined-up way.”

Combining their near 40 years of expertise, Eight Masts provides strategic consultancy, training for individuals and teams, and end to end project management. From FTSE 100 companies and national charities to professional services firms and local public sector offices, Eight Masts is bringing its experience to the South West, an area it believes is under-serviced, especially in the third sector.

Visit them at eightmasts.co.uk and arrange an exploratory session.

Pictured above: ( L to R) Claire Gates and Nick Smith