Circle Consulting is open for business

By Anita Jaynes on 18 June, 2020

As many of our Bath and Somerset businesses begin to open up and lift-off from lockdown, we’re sharing their messages and promoting them within our local community.

Today’s business shout-out is to promote the services of Circle Consulting.

Circle specialises in creating engaged, high performing environments, finding top senior talent and providing in house recruitment training for junior – mid level roles. Are you wondering how to re-align your people coming back from furlough? Do you need to recruit but need to keep costs down and would like some professional training? Speak to us at Circle. With over 20 years combined experience from sport, the military and corporate worlds, helping organisations to recruit well, enhance team cohesion & performance and coach senior leaders – we know people and teams. We’re helping SMEs to shape their new future, if you would like to chat to us please call 01225 685 888 or email (Coaching & Performance) and (In-house Recruitment, Training and Talent)

Visit Circle Consulting online at: