Building Your Own Commercial Office Space: Our Top Tips

By Anita Jaynes on 8 July, 2022

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There’s a constant demand for commercial and industrial buildings in the UK; commercial building average demands increased by 34 % in Q1 2021, with over £3.5 billion invested. The increase in commercial working spaces demand is being met with the construction of new buildings. If you plan to build a commercial office space, here are some important considerations.

Get Your Documentation

The government regulates all construction. You must obtain the necessary permits, submit certain documents, and receive a final nod before you can do any work. Your building plans must meet the requirements as given by the government ministry. It is wise to start the process early as it could take some time before all paperwork is complete and permission is given.

Use The Right Materials

Buildings are made from concrete, glass, wood, steel, etc. It is only suitable that you use the right material for your building. The architect/planner should have that covered, but it is your responsibility to ask and get involved. You should visit The Concrete Network for different grades and uses, including concrete for commercial and domestic buildings and screeding.

Consider Your Budget

All projects rely on accurate budgeting. Underfunded budgets may jeopardise your building in different ways. You should include an excess of at least 10% of the entire budget for emergency costs. Some things to consider when planning your budget include heating, electrical, and plumbing systems, interior and exterior decoration, construction fees, and furniture.

Build Or Rent A Temporary Space

If your business is operational, you don’t have to pause or stop it before building new office space. Stopping or pausing work can significantly reduce business output and risk the entire operation. You should consider renting or building temporary office spaces where work can continue. If possible, deploy remote policies to reduce the number of on-site staff reporting for duty.

Go Green

While there is a strict green/sustainable development policy for construction, you can go beyond that to make your commercial office space as green as possible. Several reports indicate that businesses and offices with a “green badge” look more attractive to clients. You should include water collection, energy-friendly lighting, and sustainable management in your building plans.

Build With Your Employees In Mind

Employees will mostly use your commercial office building. It is vital to your business that your employees feel comfortable at work. Design and construct your buildings with your employees in mind. Use systems and designs that are most comfortable and work-friendly. Use ergonomic working spaces to improve productivity and reduce potential risks.

Hire The Right Construction Company

Although all construction companies must register with the relevant ministry and comply with regulations, you should carefully choose the right one for your commercial office space. Construction companies specialise in different areas, and to get the best building. It is best to hire a construction company with a track record. Ask for reviews and discuss your building plans with a number of them before hiring