‘BreakTheBias’ seminars to take place this month in support of International Women’s Day

By Nick Batten on 7 March, 2022

Inspired by #International Women’s Day – which this year has the theme of #BreakTheBias –  Jane C. Woods, Managing Director of Bath-based Changing People Ltd, will draw on her 25 years of coaching women to create four, two-hour interactive online seminars which dive into this subject.

Established by Jane in 2003,  Changing People helps companies and individuals unlock the potential of women at work through bespoke courses. Jane specialises in helping businesses manage change with confidence while developing more women through the management pipeline and into senior posts, and ultimately the board.

Each ‘BreakTheBias’ seminar will take place via Zoom or Microsoft Teams and will cover the following topics:

Understanding Bias – our own and others

At the end of this seminar participants should have an understanding of some of the researched obstacles facing women at work and the impact of bias on their careers.

Communication differences between men and women

At the end of this seminar participants will understand some of the researched differences in how men and women communicate in the workplace and why this sometimes disadvantages women. This is not teaching women to speak like men, but to raise awareness.

Being assertive is not being bossy

Participants will have had an opportunity to reflect on what being assertive actually is, why it’s frequently not seen as a plus for women, and to consider the effectiveness of their own styles of communication.

The pandemic, women and your career

The pandemic had an impact on everyone, of course, but research coming through shows that women were more adversely affected. In this seminar, Jane will share some of that research. Participants can reflect on what impact they have felt and any consequences for their career planning.

Jane, said, “We all have biases and in the world of work those biases are actively discriminating against women progressing. That is a tragedy for individual women, of course, but it’s also a huge loss to businesses. Workplaces with gender-equal practices make more money, spend less on recruitment and are usually good places for all genders to work.

“On the seminar, we’ll look at the typical biases women encounter, for example the likeability bias, where women are expected to be nice at work and angry women are penalised (despite anger being seen as a positive quality for men).  We’ll look at how we as women have been socialised to hold these biases, too. We’ll be discussing how we can challenge them in a way that helps us all to change and benefit.

“What it isn’t is a rant about men. (I love men). It’s practical, based on research, and aims to send women back to work with a greater understanding of the obstacles blocking their career path and some techniques for overcoming them.”

This March, there is a price offer of £300 of one online seminar for four women from a business.

The first seminar will take place on 24th March. For more information and to book your place, visit eventbrite.