Royds Withy King lawyer heads to New York for cryptocurrency expertise

By Ben Carey on 12 April, 2019


Royds Withy King is investing in it blockchain technology offering by sending one of its corporate lawyers to New York for training.

Blockchain is a distributed database set to transform a wide variety of industries, with real estate transactions and supply chain management set to reap the benefits.

Ed Chapman, Blockchain Lead at Royds Withy King has been selected for a pioneering secondment programme which the firm runs in partnership with Interleges, an international legal network which Royds Withy King helped establish in 1989.

Ed will be based in Manhattan with Anderson Kill, a corporate law firm best known for its work in insurance recovery. During his time in the US he will be working closely with attorneys and industry experts in Anderson Kill’s Blockchain and Virtual Currency sector group, focusing on the commercial use cases of blockchains along with the regulatory challenges they present.

He said, “Last year we had two particular success stories in our Technology and Financial Services sector groups, receiving national coverage in relation to cryptocurrencies and drone law. In 2019 I want to expand on our existing cryptocurrency expertise into the underlying blockchain technology and its applications for us and our clients.

“In the Corporate team at Royds Withy King we already carry out significant cross-border transactional work and I see this secondment as a chance to develop our existing capabilities as well as help serve our existing clients, particularly those that operate internationally.

“Blockchain has no borders and a global platform requires a global approach to be able to support and advise our clients and deal with emerging regulatory regimes.

“New York is one of the world’s leading blockchain centres. This is a golden opportunity to spearhead our continued growth and I can’t wait to get started.”

Pictured: Royds Withy King’s Ed Chapman.