Bath Spa Dentistry employees get their teeth into fundraising effort

By Ben Carey on 25 April, 2019


Two employees from Bath Spa Dentistry will be going the extra mile in support of a common cause later this year.

Sarah Broadberry and Angela MacAusland both support Vasculitis UK. The charity offers support to those affected by the condition in which the immune system attacks healthy blood vessels, causing them to become swollen and narrow.

Angela will be lacing up her running shoes and putting in the miles over the summer months ready to take part in the Great North Run in Newcastle this September, whilst Dental Hygienist Sarah, who is pregnant with her second child, does the fundraising.

Angela said, “The reason Sarah feels so passionately about Vasculitis UK is that she has a special someone in her life who has dedicated his life to helping others. For over a decade he has tirelessly fought for an increased awareness for people suffering from rare diseases including vasculitis.”

The key to successful treatment of the condition is early recognition and correct diagnosis, followed by appropriate and effective treatment.  The charity Vasculitis UK is run entirely on a voluntary basis by people with vasculitis themselves. There are no offices and no paid staff and on a very small budget they make a huge difference to many sufferers.

To support Angela and Sarah’s fundraising efforts you can donate online via their JustGiving Page.