Bath law firm gives free legal advice to Ukraine refugee project

By Anita Jaynes on 21 March, 2022

Lawyers from Stone King’s immigration team are giving free legal advice to the Ukraine Advice Project UK.

The project was set up by a group of immigration lawyers to provide pro bono advice to Ukraine nationals following the Russian invasion.

It has been inundated with enquiries since it opened, with Stone King’s immigration team joining lawyers around the country in offering expert legal advice.

Julie Moktadir, Head of Immigration at Stone King, said, “Whilst the immigration rules have been slightly relaxed for family members of Ukraine nationals, there is a backlog of applications and a sense that the visa system is not currently fit for purpose.

“There are a large number of people fleeing who do not have identity documents or the resources to seek safety or assistance which makes it all the more complicated.

“We are seeking to help both Ukrainian nationals and other nationalities fleeing Ukraine.”

The project is made up of legal professionals with immigration and asylum expertise.

To request advice, please email with some details of your circumstances and what advice you need.

Information and advice from the Ukraine Advice Project UK can be found here. Julie Moktadir can be contacted here.

Pictured above: Julie Moktadir, Head of Immigration at Stone King law which is headquartered in Bath