Bath healthcare service providers merge to target changing environment

By Anita Jaynes on 17 September, 2020

OUTiCO, a Bath-based provider of digitally-enabled commercial services to the pharmaceutical industry, has merged with Bath healthcare recruiter, Star Medical to launch Star OUTiCO  – a new brand identity aimed at communicating to the market the key capabilities and strengths of both companies.

The two businesses have been working closely as part of the Uniphar Group’s Clinical and Commercial Division since 2017 specifically to help pharmaceutical and healthcare companies make a commercial impact, adapt to a world that is changing at pace and accelerate further given the impact of Covid-19, and ensure clinicians and patients enjoy better outcomes.

Established in 2002, Star Medical built a reputation as a recruiter for pharmaceutical sales, marketing, medical devices and market access roles at all levels. Acquired by the Uniphar Group in 2015, Star has gone on to be the leading provider of insight-driven commercial sales solutions for the industry.

OUTiCO, founded in 2010, was the first multichannel sales company communicating with Health Care Professionals (HCPs) via their preferred sales channel. In a fast-changing commercial environment, this multichannel approach to brand engagement allowed OUTiCO to exceed client expectations, improve commercial outcomes and lead the way in this space.

Uniphar Group brought OUTiCO into its fold to complement Star Medical, with the two businesses together offering the market a digitally enabled, comprehensive outsourced sales service proposition, to boost clients’ brand engagement at any and every stage of the commercial lifecycle.

The new Star OUTiCO brand was previewed to team members on 14 September before being unveiled to the market and broader public on 16 September.

Graham McIntosh, Managing Director, Uniphar Commercial and Clinical Division, said, “It has been an exciting time for everyone since our integration and the formalisation of our combined identity cements the many synergies we have already seen emerge to the benefit of both our internal operations and the sales impact we make for our clients.

“Covid-19 has shown that the pharmaceutical industry can embrace new technologies very quickly. Before and during Covid-19 our digitally enabled sales approach has helped our clients make a commercial impact and we’re excited to help our partners further grasp the opportunities presented in such a rapidly evolving healthcare environment”.

He added, “There will be winners and losers, so it is down to us to ensure our current and future partners are equipped with the right digitally enabled sales solutions, not only to deliver an impact but to ensure that, rather than a one-off occurrence, the impact is a sustained process.”