Bath digital expert launches agency to help SMEs take on industry giants

By Nick Batten on 13 April, 2022

A new digital agency – ‘Son of Jesse’ – has launched this week and will be entirely focused on working with UK SMEs to help them compete against industry leaders. 

Based in Bradford-on-Avon, the agency – which is the brainchild of Bath-based digital marketing and web expert Tom Beavan – will work with funded start-ups, scale-ups and SMEs across the digital spectrum: branding, website design and build, e-commerce and SEO.

Its focus is to provide outstanding brand presentation and high-performance digital environments to smaller companies.

Tom explained, “The SME market is the most exciting segment of British business. The segment accounts for more employment, more tax payments, more growth and more innovation, but it’s often overlooked by agencies because budgets are smaller, and the opportunities are perceived to be less. We totally disagree, and we’re focused on helping these businesses to win against the giants in their markets.”

The agency’s name reflects its focus too. Son of Jesse, aka David who fought and defeated Goliath knew that size was no match for bravery and strategy. Tom continued, “We bring this ethos to our clients. Our clients tend to be more agile, bolder and willing to attack opportunities in a way that sector leaders can’t or won’t. We’ll help them to exploit these opportunities and grow quickly.”

The agency launches with a portfolio of existing clients from the technology, hospitality, trade and professional services sectors and collaborates with several high-profile regional creative agencies in delivering their digital projects.

The initial team of four staff includes design, development, growth and project management expertise and the agency is looking to double in size over the next 12 – 18 months as it scales alongside its clients.

Pictured above: Tom Beavan, Founder of Son of Jesse