Cyber experts prepare for potential Coronavirus lockdown

By Anita Jaynes on 13 February, 2020

Cyber Security firm Computer Network Defence (CND) are preparing for a Coronavirus outbreak by abandoning their office in Bath’s city centre and working remotely as part of a business continuity exercise.

Based on St.Lawrence Street in SouthGate, Bath, CND decided to hatch the plan after hearing about a member of the University of Bath being tested for Covid-19. As the firm has staff with spouses working at the University it brought the threat close to home.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of CND, Andy Cuff said, “Having seen the lockdowns abroad we need to be prepared and exercise our business continuity plan, just in case, to ensure we can continue to support our clients’ with their cyber security needsThe exercise is likely to only take a day or two, after which we will resume normal operations, though safe in the knowledge that we can continue to operate should the worst happen.”

CND has a business continuity plan which is regularly reviewed and tested, at least annually, and the exercise is usually reserved for a snow day. However, if the Coronavirus did escalate in Bath, the scenario would be more likely to last several weeks, rather than a few days.

Andy added, “We have moved the majority of our office automation to the cloud and each member of staff has been issued with a laptop and can work remotely. During previous exercises we highlighted communication as a challenge, we now have regular video meetings and chat applications. Our recruitment team already conduct video interviews in order to reduce our carbon footprint and we are increasingly paperless, so business continues seamlessly. Our Bath Security Operations Centre, where we monitor client’s networks for attacks and security issues will be fully transferred to our Isle of Man Security Operations Centre and our Bath analysts will work into it remotely.”

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Pictured above: Andy Cuff, Computer Network Defence