Arobase Creative nominates FareShare South West as its 2021 charity

By Nick Batten on 25 January, 2021

Branding agency, Arobase Creative, has confirmed its support of FareShare South West for 2021.

FareShare South West – which is part of the FareShare UK network – was formed in 2007 to help tackle the food poverty issue in the South West by redistributing surplus food across the region.

By using quality, in-date surplus food that would otherwise have gone to waste, the charity turns an environmental problem into a social solution. Over 270,000 tonnes of perfectly edible surplus food is thrown away each year and FareShare South West wants to ensure that this food is put to good use.

Arobase Creative co-founder, Tom Garland, said, “We have made an initial donation of £800 which can provide food for up to 3200 meals in our local community. Throughout the next year, we will be making regular monthly donations, volunteering, and fundraising. When choosing our charity of the year, it was vastly important to be making an impact in our local community, as well as the food and drink industry that makes up the majority of our client base. FareShare South West is a fantastic charity that ticked both boxes.”

Phoebe Ruxton, FareShare South West’s Head of Development, added,  “We are so grateful and delighted that Arobase Creative has chosen FareShare South West as its charity in 2021. Through our partnership, Arobase will be supporting the most vulnerable in society to access good food during an extremely challenging period of time- starting by backing our FoodStock 2020 campaign which is tackling the winter food emergency. Companies like this are really leading the way to step up and support their community.”

The current FoodStock 2020 campaign will build a stockpile of emergency food and the infrastructure to deliver it over a difficult winter. As Covid-19 resurges across the nation, FareShare South West is building a stockpile of food and an action plan to deliver it to the most critically vulnerable in the South West.

Between November 2020 and February 2021, they will redistribute food for over one million meals, acting as the emergency, low-cost food supplier to hundreds of frontline organisations including schools, homeless charities, and food banks.

For more details and to donate visit: