Are you ready for Bath’s Clean Air Zone?

By Anita Jaynes on 3 March, 2021

In just two weeks Bath will become the first Clean Air Zone outside of the capital. Have you checked if you will be charged?

Businesses and individuals across the South West are being urged to check if they need to pay to drive their vehicles in Bath’s Clean Air Zone which launches on Monday 15th March. 

The Clean Air Zone charge is aimed at improving air quality in the city centre. Drivers of most higher emission vehicles, excluding private cars and motorbikes, will have to pay to drive in the centre of Bath.

Charges for driving in Bath’s Clean Air Zone will apply daily from midnight to midnight, seven days a week, 365 days a year. So, if your journey within the zone starts at 11pm and finishes at 1am for example, you will need to pay two separate daily charges.

Charges will apply to most pre-Euro 4 petrol vehicles and most pre-Euro 6 diesel vehicles. Clean Air Zone charges are £9 a day for higher emission taxis, private hire vehicles, minibuses, LGVs and vans, including pick-ups and campervans. Higher emission buses, coaches and HGVs will be charged £100 a day. Private HGVs such as higher emission motorhomes and horse transporters, if registered with the council, are eligible to pay a reduced rate of £9 a day. Charges can be paid online at GOV.UK within 7 days of your journey.

To check if you need to pay to drive in Bath’s Clean Air Zone visit: – all you will need is your vehicle registration number. 

To help those regularly affected by the charges there is a financial assistance scheme to help you adapt or replace your vehicle. To find out more visit: