AM to PM with Rob Suchet

By Anita Jaynes on 13 February, 2019


AM to PM is your exclusive insight into the busy schedules of some of Bath and Somerset’s top professionals.

Rob Suchet is founder of HEALTH, Bath’s premier bespoke personal training and nutrition studio.

Rob has been positively transforming minds and bodies in Bath for eight years with a combination of training and bespoke meal planning. Rob is a member of the British Association of Nutritionists and Nutritional Therapists (BANT) and Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) and has been personally featured in the Guardian, Red and FHM magazines.  The Express described him as “one of the country’s best personal trainers” in 2014. 

Rob is now launching CLASS, a boutique fitness studio at Bath Riverside. Specialising in small class sizes across high-intensity, yoga and flow classes, Class is promoting a culture of health and movement for Bath residents, including speciality classes for the over 60s.

We met with Rob to find out more about him and his average working day.

What time do you get up?

With two kids (aged 5 and 2) I don’t get much say in this anymore! I’m usually up anytime from 5-7am.

What helps you to get your day off on the right foot? 

Cold water on the face and a hot shower. On weekdays I usually make myself a smoothie with everything I need to keep me going throughout the morning: berries, spinach, nut butter, coconut oil and a few other secret goodies!

What’s the first thing you do when you get to the office?

At the moment my “office” varies between HEALTH our personal training business, CLASS the new boutique fitness studio and various coffee shops around town. I think the most important thing to do when you arrive anywhere is smile and say hello.

What helps your day run smoothly?

Positive energy and a proactive attitude.

What’s your favourite place to go for lunch? 

We’ve just partnered with the guys at Grocer and Rooted to deliver Vital Cafe to our reception area at CLASS, so I’ve been spending quite a lot of time in these gorgeous cafes.

What is the best part about your job? 

The positivity that surrounds everything we do. We spend our days working with highly motivated people who want to improve their health and their lives. It’s the most humbling and rewarding job in the world!

How do you set yourself up for the following day? 

Sleep is fundamental for so many aspects of health, so I tend to have a magnesium drink about 30 mins before heading to bed & try to make sure I’m asleep before 11pm.

How do you unwind after work?

 I have a gorgeous drive home over the hills north of Bath each day, which helps separate work from play. Then just spending time with my wife and children is all I need to unwind at the end of each day

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