4 things to look for in student accommodation

By Anita Jaynes on 9 November, 2020

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When looking for student accommodation, it can be easy to get lost in the number of options available. To help you narrow down your selection and find student accommodation that is right for you, we have compiled a list of 4 important things to look for.


Where would you feel most comfortable living and what type of student accommodation appeals to you? There are plenty to choose from whether you want to live in halls, self-catered or catered accommodation, privately rented houses or flats. When looking for student accommodation, this is something to consider first. Some accommodation providers include extra amenities such as games rooms or gyms, which is something else to think about when choosing the type of accommodation for you. Some will also allow you to see basic info about the people living in the flat already, such as age, gender and course, which may help you make a decision.


How many people are you happy to live with? Do you prefer to live in a flat on your own or do you want the full university experience? Within your student accommodation you will have your own private quarters and perhaps an en-suite. If the thought of living with 5 strangers is too much, it may be best to opt for student accommodation that houses 2 to 3 students. This can be a difficult decision on its own, as if you don’t get along with one housemate and there are only the two of you, your options are pretty limited. Sometimes, choosing to live with a larger group provides more choice of people to talk to, but this could also be louder and messier.


The price of student accommodation is a really important factor that many students overlook. You need to consider your student loan amount, whether you will be working, as well as any other expenses. Many student accommodation providers include bills in the price of rent, meaning that is one less thing to worry about, but you do need to factor in food and basic costs of living. Many students choose to work at university, but this means striking a good balance so that your studies don’t get put on the back burner. Be honest and make a list of all expenses that may occur and whether your family can support you at all before making a final decision on the price you are happy to pay for accommodation.


The location of your student accommodation can make all the difference. Living further away means more expenses in travel, and living closer often makes it easier and safer to head to the library for that late-night study session. If you’re thinking of studying in London, you might want to consider Downing Students. This student accommodation provider offers modern and secure central London student accommodation with the chance to live in Zone One or Two. This provides a great base in the centre of the capital city, with close transport links to every university within central London.

When choosing student accommodation, looking at these 4 things can help you to narrow down your options and find what you really want.