10 Minutes with Andrew James

By Anita Jaynes on 30 April, 2021

Andrew James is Sales Director at Impact IT Solutions. Andrew and the team work across the South West providing IT solutions to allow business owners the ability to run their organisation from any location, driving collaboration and efficiency through IT support and digital transformation solutions.

Andrew has worked in IT throughout his career and has over 20-years-experience in the industry. He lives in Frampton Cottrell just outside Bath and has a young family, welcoming his second daughter, Liliana, only a few weeks ago.

We met Andrew to find out how the use of tech is driving business change and development.

How are you finding business in 2021 so far?
It’s been a positive start to the year. Businesses are continuing to embrace the theme of rapid change as they transform to cope with the effects of the pandemic. Many of our clients have seen a sudden and rather rapid evolution of their business models over a very short period of time. We’ve seen positive engagement from organisations who want to change the way they use their office space; some have even decided to give up their offices entirely. With non-essential retail shut we have seen many retail clients fully embrace e-commerce by going online to reach new markets. We have also seen growth in producing e-commerce websites for clients, as well as the adoption of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions to manage their workforce and processes digitally through apps.

What kind of challenges are clients coming to you with the most?
Businesses want to enable better use of cloud solutions and apps to help their staff work remotely.

How has Covid changed your business?
We have seen a huge swing in clients wanting apps and ERP solutions. Covid has driven growth and expansion into the software and app sectors. Throughout the pandemic we have found that clients want custom solutions to remove manual processes, which have historically locked businesses to their offices. The driver for this is staff working remotely and senior management wanting fast access to data/ financial results and see costs savings through better efficiency. This has meant we have been recruiting staff across all business areas including sales professionals, IT developers and IT engineers.

Are you back in the office yet?
Yes, a large part of our team is. However, all of our systems are cloud based – as you would expect from an IT solutions company. Our engineers have access and work remotely as they are often on-site installing new computers and hardware.

What are Impact IT Solutions goals for 2021?
Our goal is to help businesses drive digital transformation technologies, helping them grow and attract new clients and talent to work for them.

Are there any new apps or tools on the market that you would recommend?
Microsoft Bookings. It’s a great app which will link with your calendar to allow clients to search your availability for meetings.

What’s your top tech tip?
Where possible ditch spreadsheets. Use AI tools and cloud solutions to do the processing for you. Why not use apps to input data as your team receives it? A lot of people suffer from spreadsheet overload and find them overwhelming. By using the cloud, you can digitalise your business and allow multiple employees and departments seamless access to information quickly. It’s one less task for office admin staff and you can reduce the chance of data entry errors.

What executive tool/ gadget could you not live without?
My iPhone. I use a range of business apps Teams, for office comms, video and document collaboration, MileIQ for automated reporting for business mileage, oh, and the Amazon Alexa app as it has the weekly food shopping list.

To find out more about Impact IT Solutions visit: www.impactitsolutions.co.uk, connect with Andrew on LinkedIn or email: Andrew.james@impactitsolutions.co.uk