Seeing inside your business self with C:me

By Anita Jaynes on 12 April, 2017

Have you ever asked yourself how can I build on my strengths? How can I make better decisions with greater confidence? Or wish you had a deeper insight into your behaviours? If so, a new type of profiling has become available allowing you to shed light on your instinctive reactions and behavioural process.

South West-based firm, Smart Coaching & Training an organisation designed to help transform businesses and their people is using a powerful tool called C-me Profiling, allowing you to answer all of the above questions.

Created in Bath by Wilsher Group, the C-me profiling tool is designed to get the best from yourself, your team and others. It gives you valuable insight to communicate more effectively, develop better teams and excel at what comes naturally.

Often described as “uncanilly accurate”, C-me is easy to understand, quick to complete and fun to do.

I can be very cynical about these psychological reports, but when I recently took part in a C-me session it changed my thinking.

To begin the process Halina Jarowszewska, a leadership coach and strategic consultant from Smart Coaching & Training sent me a link to an online questionnaire. It took me around 10 minutes to complete and asked me questions around how I like to be treated / responded to in various scenarios. Once complete the responses were picked up by Halina and we organised a one-to-one session to go through my C-me profile generated by my answers.

Before we sat down for the session, Halina shared with me my C-me profile to digest and get back to her with a list of questions she had posed to me regarding the contents of the report. On reading it, I wasn’t surprised at all! I couldn’t believe that in answering just a few questions such an in-depth report could be generated that knew so much about me. The report listed my strengths, weaknesses and possible areas for development and Halina and I chatted about these during our one-to-one.

On completion of the session I had a greater understanding of my values and how I work best. It enabled me to look at how I could improve my relationships with my team for a greater performance. It also made me think about how I could use the findings to improve relationships outside of work with friends, family and my partner.

It didn’t come as a surprise to me that the tool is now being used by leading firms such as Visa and WRc to help them make better decisions when recruiting and building teams.

To find out more about how C-me profiling can help your business email Halina at:

Pictured above: Halina Jaroszewska of Smart Coaching & Training