Purpol Marketing welcomes interns for launch of ‘Magnificent Marketing’ course

Chippenham-based Purpol Marketing has opened its doors to five new interns in time for the launch of its first online course named ‘Magnificent Marketing.’

The firm started to provide internships and work placements in 2016 and claims it has long been champions of “encouraging young people to get enthused about marketing and the broader service sector.”

Four of the interns are from Bath Spa University and one is from The University of West of England. All are based in their own homes, using cloud-based technology to remain connected. According to Purpol, the new recruits have already displayed enthusiasm for the launch of its new online ‘Magnificent Marketing’ course and have so far brainstormed routes to market, promotional methods and key messages for target audiences.

Founder, Denise O’Leary, said: “Although Purpol is a home-based, cloud-enabled business, we felt there was no reason why we couldn’t provide an internship scheme. We encourage other business owners to do the same, as it provides enthusiastic young people with great opportunities to learn and develop their skills in a practical way.”

She added: “All five interns bring with them different skill sets and perspectives and will be a valuable addition to the company. We will involve them with both marketing activities and also plan to incorporate them into our bid writing activities, helping more companies win valuable contacts.”

‘Magnificent Marketing’ is an online step by step course that aims to help businesses build their marketing plan. The course combines video-based learning with practical exercises and worked through examples to help develop an understanding of marketing.

It is accompanied by the ‘Magnificent Marketing’ plan template which is populated in stages as the course progresses. It also provides two fully completed examples of marketing plans and a marketing strategy e-book providing advice on practical application.

The course is available for a launch price of £249 if you quote PURPOLPR07at www.purpolmarketing.co.uk/shop

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