MyLife Digital signs partnership with Bench ahead of new data regulations

The Bath-based data management services firm, MyLife Digital (MLD), is set to utilise the data analytics and technology consultancy skills of the company, Bench, to help organisations deliver their consumers’ new data rights under the new regulations which come into effect in May 2018.

Under a partnership agreement signed in September, Bench will aim to “distribute and integrate” MLD’s Consentric Permissions service into its client base. Consentric Permissions is a cloud-based offering which allows organisations to manage the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) data consents, permissions and processing justifications for, and on behalf of, their customers or members.

Consentric Permissions has been designed to enable the new GDPR subject rights which come into force on 25 May 2018 to be supported by client organisations. Protecting the relevant GDPR articles, the Permissions service acts as the “single source of truth” for consents and permissions across all of an organisation’s systems and processes. GDPR promotes the new principle of accountability for organisations by requiring transparency around consumers’ data and what it can be used for.

According to MLD, the “deep expertise” of the Bench consulting teams will enable client organisations to “properly position” GDPR permissions management within a data governance strategy, to “operationalise” GDPR readiness and to accelerate the activation of the Consentric Permissions service.

Daniel Telling, managing partner at Bench, explained, “In an age where data underpins everything we do, our partnership with MyLife Digital heralds a real opportunity for all organisations, especially smaller and mid-sized enterprises, to get their data in order. The catalyst for this may well be GDPR compliance, but there has always been a strong business case for better information management, solid information governance and sensible information lifecycle management.”

He continued, “The organisations that lead the response to this challenge will be seen as innovators and brands with a social conscience who are protecting their customers. We look forward to working with MyLife Digital and its Consentric platform to help our clients achieve this end.”

John Hall, chief executive officer of MLD, called the partnership a “powerful one” which will “accelerate progress towards GDPR compliance for client organisations.”

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